Monday, January 30, 2012

Tomorrow the adventure begins . . .

. . . and like one of my favorite fictional characters, Uncle Wiggily, I am off to seek my fortune, my spectacles on my nose and my valise on wheels following after . . . first stop: California to visit my family and friends. Then, in a week, on to Chicago to meet up with my sister friends from the IHMs . . .
 "And if the snow doesn’t come in our house and sit by the gas stove until he melts into a puddle of molasses, I’ll tell you next about going to visit the Sisters at the IHM Motherhouse”. 
What? Didn't you ever read the Adventures of Uncle Wiggily?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

And now it is six months later! My time flies when you are having fun!

I am going to be going on my own little Odyssey - to seek a newer world, so to speak. I will use this space to share my travels and explorations. Itinerary as follows:
  • Starting with a week in California to visit family and my spiritual director.
  • Then on to Chicago and from there to Monroe, Michigan where I will spend a few weeks with the IHM sisters.
  • Then back to Chicago - and from there to Minneapolis, for a visit with N. Minneapolis Visitation Monastery.
After than, who knows? Stay tuned - I intend to post my reflections on this little journey as I go . . .